Mar. 9th, 2009

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So this past weekend while sitting idly in the office, I noticed that the most recent Redbook magazine is sitting on the desk. I figure, OK, I'll read it, see if there's anything interesting in it. I run across this: . And while I'm looking at the fashions I think to myself that they're cute and I wonder how much. Especially since the whole premise is that its Fashion on a Shoestring Budget: Update your warm-weather wardrobe without bruising your bank account.

You know what that means to me? Affordable fashion. Things that I would actually be able to buy. I'm reading the descriptions of the items, and I'm looking at the prices and the only thing I can think of is, "Who's shoestring budget are we talking about here?" I mean I can see buying one piece at those prices maybe once every couple of months (six or so I guess) but to try and buy a whole outfit at the total price of those things is just insane.

I mean, I do pretty well with my two part time jobs and very few bills but then again, after everything is said and done and all my bills are paid and groceries are bought and other essentials taken care of, I've got maybe $100.00 left over to last me until my next check.

I could spend that money on things so much more worth while than clothes that cost that much.

And besides, fashion is such an arbitrary thing. It changes too rapidly and some of the things are insane too.

I mean half the time, I go to the local Hot Topic just to buy Legend of Zelda clothing. I'd much rather have LoZ t-shirt and some jeans on my down time than wear some of the stuff in that article (but then again, I view those things as more work clothing). Half the time I wear my clothes out until they're ready to be thrown away. I keep my clothes until the last possible moment and I like my things comfortable.

But I have to ask what do you consider a shoestring budget? How much do you really spend on fashion if at all? What did you think about this article?


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