Jun. 15th, 2009

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So last year, or the year before last (I'm so stressed I can't think straight to figure out when exactly it was) my mom refinanced the house and got one of those un fixed rates and now every year the mortgage payment goes up a few hundred. She's so stressed about it she's driving everyone in the house crazy with it.

So she got the notice that the mortgage payment is going up again this summer and now she's talking about buying another house and either letting this one go into foreclosure or selling it. Whichever one will work best or whatever.

So I come home today after work and she practically pounces on me with an ambush for me to gather up all this information o submit so that I can apply to get a loan for a house. For a house that I've never seen in fact. All that she's got is a list from some realtor that I've never talked to of houses in the area.

And now she's saying she can't or won't make the mortgage payments on the house and our only other option is to start looking for another house or get an apartment. And we have to do it in the next three months.

Now I'm all stressed and frustrated and I just feel like everything is closing in on me and I don't really have any other options because I live at home with my parents and I don't make enough in my two part time jobs to pay rent for an apartment together with utilities all while still paying my dad money for phone, car, insurance, food and other things that he takes care of for me. x.x

I just want to hide and hope it all goes away.


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