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Going full time at the law office has been an experience. I'm pretty much doing the same stuff, only now I feel I have enough time to get things done.

The new girl is something else. She talks to herself, hums and sings while she's working in the next "cubicle" and talks too much. x.x But she's a generally nice person.

I've enjoyed working full time, and the boss did give me a raise.

I hadn't heard anything back from any of the jobs I applied for so I went ahead and took the full time position. Almost a month later, and guess what happens?

I got an email from the admin position I applied for out at the local University. x.x They want to interview me next week. On the one hand, WHEEEE!!! OMG SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! On the other, I feel so conflicted now, but I can't possibly pass up this opportunity for full time that pays three times what I'm making, plus full benefits for both me and my daughter (instead of just for me, as it is at the law office). I know I'm going to disappoint S. at the law office. I'm not looking forward to telling her about the interview tomorrow.

If I hadn't heard anything from the UC, I think I would have been happy with the added hours and pay raise with the law office for at least a few more months to a year. But now with this possibility on the horizon...


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