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Yes, it is I. I decided to check my journal and discovered that apparently I've got a bajillion old messages/replies?

Its been something like three years, and I don't really know what to talk about other than I am actually still alive and around. I am still working, still taking care of the baby monster (who is 11 now! OMG). Still involved in karate, and have been looking for another job away from the law office for the last year now.

That's the quick and dirty I suppose.

Lets see, last time I was on LJ and posted anything, I was looking for good forever homes for a litter of puppies that my Penny just had. I found homes for all of them, and decided to keep one. He was the baby puppy that followed me around all the time, giving me those adorable puppy eyes. So I kept him. We've now got the three GSDs here, Little, Penny and Blue. Got them all fixed, 'cause being puppy mommy is a whole freakin' lot of work, and trying to be that responsible dog owner and find forever homes for puppies after they reach past 12 weeks ... well most people want puppies at 6 weeks while they're still super adorbs instead of bigger. x.x

Also, I tested (and passed!!) for my first degree black belt in karate. Crushed it!! I am currently third degree, and the baby monster is second degree brown. I'm so proud of her. She works really hard at learning the material. She also enjoys competing in the annual tournament the local University hosts here in town.

Lol, she's in that in between stage where she has interests in child-like things like toys and games, but is also starting to show interest in fashion and makeup and gossiping with her friends.

She's getting so old!! She also wears a bigger shoe size than me now. Haha, that was an adventure. We were at the local Payless looking for shoes she could wear in wet weather, and I didn't like any of the materials the kids shoes and boots were made out of, and she didn't like any of the styles the adult size shoes were. The one pair we found that we would both agree on, they didn't have in her size. So as we were leaving we walked through Khols and decided to check out the shoes there. We managed to find a pair of Chucks in her size and that was on sale. Now she things she's the shit 'cause she's got a pair of name brand shoes. And wow, I knew it was a big deal when I was in school (but never really cared about or could afford to keep up with), and apparently its still a thing to have name brand whatever at school.

As for me a few years ago the paralegal in the office got a new job, so after some drama and a hiring and firing, they offered me the paralegal job. I took it of course 'cause that meant full time employment and full time pay. So I quit the apartment management job, and went full time at the law office. I guess it was great for the first couple of years, but after getting diddly in annual raises or bonus department year after year, and starting to feel unappreciated, and then on top of that having the boss man take me aside to "advise" me that I needed to be more happy/accommodating i.e. perky and fake happy/eager to take on more projects, I'm definitely feeling its time to move on. So I've been putting in and interviewing for other positions the past year. Nothing has come of it yet, but I'm still trying. And still trying to keep my determination and drive and telling myself something is bound to come along. It can get a little disheartening, obviously, but I can't stay at this job for very much longer. I feel as if I'm still being treated as the very new, very inexperienced, part-time extra help, instead of the person who handles running the office, training new staff, and doing all the paralegal work there. So overall not happy. I love what I do, and would definitely stay, but I don't feel appreciated either by they way I'm being treated or the pay.

Besides, I'd like to eventually move out of my mom's house and have a place of my own. I want it so bad, so much, that I can practically feel it almost in my grasp, and I just need that one little break.

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