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So L. has been with the office almost three weeks now. She started at the beginning of the month. B. had three days to train her on the more important stuff, and she's been on her own for the last two. My impression is that she's floundering a bit, and that there was just so much that she's expected to take care of that she's getting buried. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. She's got law experience, admittedly its family law and not civil litigation, but she's familiar enough with it and gave the impression in her interview that she was single handedly running and single attorney office for a year and a half. Now, though, she seems to be struggling.

And I feel for her. I struggled the first year I was there too. I had no law experience and everything was new to me. I wasn't even sure I wanted to stay or that I even liked the job to begin with. But it was a job, and at the time, I needed it.

I've still been looking for another job of course, and as I posted earlier, got my first rejection letter. I'm not letting it get me down, I'm still holding out hope that there's a job out there for me that'll pay more because I know I can definitely do the job.

The boss brought to my attention that he's not so hot with L.'s performance so far, but he's still holding out judgment in the hopes that she's just adjusting and she'll catch on. He asked me what it was I was looking for in another job, and I pointed out that I was looking for more pay (enough to move out and get my own place), full time and benefits. He has brought up the possibility that I come on full time because lately I've shown a bit of take charge. And to some extent I have. When B. was in the office she wanted to be in charge and run things, and for the most part I stood back and let her. I'm the type of personality that if someone else wants to be in charge, I'll let them. If it seems no one wants to or can't, its only then that I step up. And that seems to my boss exactly what I've been doing. So, he's brought up the possibility of my coming on full time. And that seems tempting. But I'm definitely conflicted on whether I should or not. On the one hand, I know the office can't afford the kind of pay I would be getting should I get one of the positions I've been applying for out at the UC that's located here in town. On the other, I haven't exactly gotten any calls for an interview either. There aren't a whole lot of jobs available here in town. Last night I was even tentatively looking at jobs out of town where moving would have been required in order for me to work, but I hadn't applied to any of them yet. I was just browsing to see what was available.

Should I take him up on his offer? Hold out for another job? Ask for a raise?

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